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To develop an institute for benign hematology with a well-built research where, quality clinical care will be given regardless of paying ability.


To deliver the utmost level of passionate care and create mass awareness about childhood blood diseases.

  • To Seek the Pleasure of Allah (SWT)
  • Our patients are our guest
  • Quality Care
  • Capacity Building of our team
  • Research

"Saving a life in front of my eyes" World Health Organization (WHO) assigned voluntary non-remunerated donation as the safest form of Blood donation. More Details



  • The journey of dedication started in 2003 with registration in a two-room clinic at a shared premises and passed milestones one after the other. Number of registered patients had reached 25 by the end of 2004. Due to space shortage shifted to Bahadurabad in 2007, started our laboratory and ultrasound services. By 2008 our registered patient’s increased to 175.
  • In 2009 we started first of its kind inpatient services. Registered patients rose to 300.
  • AMTF team grew and the capacity increased to 12 simultaneous blood transfusions and a 24 hour Emergency Services.
  • The year 2013-14, a memorable year of our journey. By the support of the Government of Japan we established five beds first intensive care Unit (ICU). The first of its kind in the region providing free of cost quality care to the thalassemic sufferers not only for AMTF registered patients but also extend its services to others.
  • In 2014-15, we started ground floor project comprises Blood Donation Area, Day Care as well Laboratory.